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POND d.o.o.
Bobovica bb
10430 Samobor

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Company POND was founded in the year 2000. Basic activity of the company is processing of fruits and vegetables and other herbal products in a way that freshly picket fruits are subjected to vacuum drying immediately after picking. With this process we can remove water from the fruit in a very short time at low temperatures and thus permanently stop the fading processes that alter the chemistry of the compounds found in fresh fruit. Dried remains contain high concentration of all ingredient of a freshly picked fruit and form raw material for preparing dietetic food suplements. Food suplements that contain these bioactive compounds help us to enrich nutritive composition of our diet and thus act preventively influence the capabilities of our body to resist sickness, or to heal quicker from existing sickness by strengthening immunity.

To obtain high quality fruits and vegetables for this purpose we have created a network of subcontractors that grow them for us in highly controlled way of farming on the fields that are far away from roads and other polluters. Fields on which crops are grown are within 30 km from our facility, so that freshly picked crop can be processed in very shor time. This process has no match in efficiency od keeping the full ingredient content of a freshly picked crop.

Zoran Rudes, dipl. eng. of chemistry
innovator and owner of Pond d.o.o., Samobor

Zoran Rudes was borb February 2, 1943. in Zagreb, where he went to school and graduated on the Faculty of chemical engineering and became engineer of chemical technology. He was involved in applying raw-material in chemical industry processes and maintenance of production facilities in almost all branches of processing aynd chemical industry across former Yugoslavia as an employee of Kemoboja and Kemikalija companies.

Economic prospect of the time and small possibilities of import have directed him to innovation, in order to find adequate replacement raw-material, especially while he was representative of Kemikalija company in former Czechoslovakia. After the demise of the company in the 90's he turns to his own knowledge and experience. He starts a family business and starts the process of vacuum drying of fruits and vegetables as the healthiest and cheapest process of permanently preserving all of the ingredients. Innovator has used this form of processing first and has protected it with a patent. Among other company products on the market, Broccolin dietary product is most known product.

Company is located in Samobor so that the production facility would be close to the subcontractors that deliver fresh crops.

Zlatna Kuna for innovation in 2005
Plaque Zlatna Kuna - Best innovation in Zagrebacka county in 2004 - "Vacuum herb drying"
Gold medal - Invention of the year award British invention show
Gold medal - INPEX 2005
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