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Diabetic 2 Protect - D2P

Diabetic 2 Protect D2P je dietary preparation that helps in regilating blood sugar levels, in a way that increases the effect of body's own insulin. Namely, insulin secreted by the pancreas actuates cells to take blood sugar and decompose it to release energy required for maintaining life processes.

If because of metabolic disorders comes to reduced insulin secretion or to it's reduced efficiency, cells won't be actuated enough to take blood sugar at the same time insufficient energy release from the cells will lead to the reduced vitality.

Increased blood sugar levels increase the possibility of developping kidney disorders, heart attack, blindness, gangrene.

D2P is a synergistic mix of herbal extracts and natural minerals, without any synthetic additives. Active compound METHYL-HIDROXI-CHALCONE-POLiMER (MHCP) increases the efficiency of body's own insulin.
By increasing the efficiency, blood sugar levels reduce, which at the same time reduces the development of mentioned problems.

Because of it's completeness efficiency D2P is unique and irreplaceable aid in fighting diabetes, and is appropriate for long term use.


Our surveys of D2P users have shown following results:
  • our survey included 130 consumers
  • 60 consumers took one capsule per day together with three daily meals and their blood sugar was reduced mainly to normal levels
  • 40 consumers had the same effect reached by using two capsules per day with every meal
  • 30 consumers had the same effect reached by using three capsules per day with every meal
  • no side effects or counter effects were observed in any of the consumers
  • all consumers held to their prescribed diets and have used their regularly prescribed medications
Diabetic 2 Protect - Presentation
Zlatna Kuna for innovation in 2005
Plaque Zlatna Kuna - Best innovation in Zagrebacka county in 2004 - "Vacuum herb drying"
Gold medal - Invention of the year award British invention show
Gold medal - INPEX 2005
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